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It's finally Up!

General interestPosted by 2008-11-13 21:02:18
Hello friends!

Finally! "Pickled" is up and running! Visit to watch our first little short film!

(Click here to see "Pickled")

Don't expect a Spielberg flick ;)
This was our first attempt at producing something by ourselves, but I gotta say; I'm pretty content with the end product! We did learn a lot from the experience though! We learned loads about lighting, which you can see is a issue in "Pickled" (multiple shadows) and also we had some boom issues (the boom shadow drops in to frame).

But I took something else away from that set, and that is something I will forever carry with me in all future productions I will be engaged in, and that is to Get More Shots!
We had a scene in "Pickled" that we wanted to shorten down, but it was impossible because there was nothing to cut the footage with, because we didn't have enough coverage for it. So that was something very useful to realize that early on.

I learned a lot shooting this little film, and I had a blast as well!
I hope you visit my Vimeo site and check out the film!

And now for something else; since Friday I've been helping out friends with their casting sessions, and today was my turn to see if I could get a hold of some good actors/actresses. I think I did!

Tomorrow we start production of the first grad. film! And for this one I am actually gonna be in front of the camera instead of being behind it!

Now off you go, little ones! Check out "Pickled" at!

Until next time; Live Long, and Prosper!

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Well, that didn't work!

General interestPosted by 2008-10-25 23:39:11
So, for some unknown reason we are having huge issues with exporting the short film "Pickled". My instructor is helping me out and I hope I'll get it done asap, but right now I just don't know!

Last Friday I went out with my crew on the streets of Vancouver to film a short documentary about the expansion of the SkyTrain , and how the construction is impacting the community surrounding Cambie St and Broadway. The shoot went well, learned a lot about how to shoot interviews and had a pretty good time doing it!
Since we did this as a exercise we didn't get any releaseforms signed by the people we interviewed, which means I will not be able to post any video of that shoot.

Feels somewhat weird that I haven't uploaded a single thing here yet, hm.
I'll try to fix that, somewhat soon, I promise!


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General interestPosted by 2008-10-15 17:22:31
Right now, I have "Pickled" on my HDD, and we're unable to watch it for some reason! When we rendered it, something went wrong. We either get no audio, or only sound! So, back to the drawing table! As soon as I get to the lab at school I'll try to do this as fast as possible.

Sorry for the delay!

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"Pickled" soon on

General interestPosted by 2008-10-11 22:58:51
It's all done! "Pickled" has now undergone post-production and it's ready for world wide release. Okay, somewhat exaggerated, but it will technically be available all over the world from the site

We're currently uploading it to Vimeo and I'll post the link here as soon as it's done.

So yeah, this was a first test for us to try out actually creating a product in three days. Day one pre-production, day two principal photography and day three post-production. I think we did alright actually!
Let's face it, this little short won't win any academy awards (or anything else for that matter), but I'm happy with the end result!

We used a Canon XH A1 mounted on a Manfrotto 501 tripod, a Lowell Light Kit which is a Three piece lighting set (we did forget the diffusers though, so we couldn't soften the light at all unfortunately), a normal XLA connected mic with a boom. It was shot in 24F and edited on Final Cut Pro 6.

Check back soon to see the final result!

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it's a Wrap!

General interestPosted by 2008-10-05 15:32:12
yesterday we started, and wrapped, the filming of "Pickled!" a 2 minute something film!

We shot the film in West Vancouver, in a luxury apartment with a crew of four and cast of two. I must say; the shooting went very well! Despite some mishaps in form of equipment failure and time issues, we actually wrapped on time, and with all the shots we needed!

The story synopsis:

A young, lazy, dude is hungry, and as so many of us have done, he just grabs whatever he can find in his fridge that's eatable (in this case a pickle jar).
He just has a sorta big problem getting it to open!

I still don't know exactly how long its gonna be, but we are aiming for around 2 minutes. And obviously, its a comedy!

Blog ImageIn this picture: Kevin, our awesome actor, as Steve , the jar guy!

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"You don't need to take your clothes off,.. I think?"

General interestPosted by 2008-10-02 08:24:58
The updates have not been many so far, but I am aiming to correct that! I'm setting a side a certain numbers of hours per week from now on dedicated completely to this site, so there will be updates!

As the weekend approaches I'm planning a shoot for Saturday morning, we're filming a 1 (possibly 2) minute long EPIC film. Our class was divided in two groups. My group is Me, Garrett, Mikhala and Clifford. The film itself is about a guy with a serious pickle problem. I'm directing it, Garrett wrote it, Mikhala is the DOP (Director Of Photography) and Clifford is our Sound operator. I think we'll have short, but funny, little flick on our hands within a week or so! Lots of work going in to it, and I LOVE every second of it!

While our group choose to film something centering mostly on one character, the other group (Jason, Leon and Dalwinder) wanted something deeper. So, naturally they went with two girls experimenting sexually. Although we're note supposed to see any naked skin, from what I've understood.

Did I mention that we are casting real actors for this project? If not; We're casting real actors for this project!
I sat in on the casting for the other group, and it wasn't that hard for them to pitch the storyline to the actress interesting enough, she was completely on board with the whole thing. One more to go! I hope they find another actress with the same enthusiasm!

So on Monday, there will be two films to edit in Final Cut Pro, one about a guy and his pickle problem, and one about two girls experimenting.

My film doesn't sound that interesting anymore, darn it!

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[...]"turn off the blond, shut down the red head and kill the baby"

General interestPosted by 2008-09-20 23:47:44
Learning the on-set language will probably take me more than just one or two hours of studies.
What the title says here above is actually (presumably) an electrician talking about three different types of lights. Confused? It get's better; if you need to go to the bathroom you don't say "I need to go to the bathroom! be right back", no! You say "going for a 10-100".

Today I've taken the first part of the two-part BC Film Orientation where we learned the guidelines for working with film in British Columbia and also sort of an introduction to the different unions available for people in the industry.

A pretty big section today was about the hazards of the industry, and I'm not talking about having a 150 kg ballast fall on you, but rather the psychological aspects of the very exhausting work that being in this industry is.

Here's an excerpt from the BC Film Orientation Course Manual:

Demands and Challenges of a Film Industry Career

* requires a lifestyle change
* sudden, unexpected changes in schedules and timing
* re-prioritizing your life or work at a moment's notice
* extreme working conditions
* working under difficult conditions over long periods of time
* freelance structure may produce too much financial uncertainty
* getting started can be especially challenging

Indicators of Stress and Burnout

* exhaustion - continual sleep-deprivation
Average work day is 14 hours or more
* no balance - all work, no leisure time
* stress overload at work and in personal life
* anxiety
* relationship failure
* sickness and a compromissed immune system

So yeah, I suppose some people rethinks their choice of careers after reading this. Film making is definitely not for "comfort people".
But then again, what in life is actually safe and secure? Sure I can go back to a "Nine-to-Five" job, but that will just bore the hell out of me, and that in turn produces the same things as mentioned above, but in different shapes.
I believe in following ones heart, in a controlled fashion of course, but really allowing yourself to see what you are made of! Try ones wings and see just how far one can push oneself.

I am not expecting to make a great deal of money in the first years, but I am expecting to become somebody people will want to work with, and having work being appreciated. Iin time of course. Nothing comes out of nothing, I've gotta work for it. And if I fail, then I'd do something else!

The trick is to always look at the bright side of life, eh!

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General interestPosted by 2008-09-18 00:12:20
Welcome to official blog!

Remember (or better yet, bookmark!) this page! Because this is the place you'll find out all the fun stuff of the pre-production, principal photography and post-production of the as of yet untitled Amerikat Films project!

Welcome back in the following days to find some exciting reading about the project!

In the mean time; play nice with each other!

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